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30 day money back gurantee

Unlike some competitors, who MISLEAD you by writing "submit listings at no cost" (if you sign for a broker membership, that is) or where they write you can post "unlimited listings" on one page and then post a TINY PRINT on the next page or in their contract/terms "each account is allowed 20 listings" - we have laid out our plans and prices clearly.

Why we don't have unlimited plans : Our plans are based on a sliding scale pricing so small/individual brokers with a few listings can afford to list and also to ensure all ads receive fair visibility/traffic (instead of allowing unlimited listings wherein a few large brokerages will add thousands of listings, which makes it harder for others and small brokers to receive any traffic/visibility for their listings). Many competitive websites signup a few large brokers for free or deep discounts (some having 500+ listings from a large brokerage and even more from entire listings of national brokerage group) to fill their database and entice other new users to sign-up for a fee so for someone looking/searching their website will feel like they have so many listings but if you look closely, there will be a handful of large brokerages and then the rest with few listings.

Why you should advertise : Compare everything else (other competitive websites, pay-per-click listings, banners, print, social media, even cluttered free classifieds - which are not free when you account for the time you spend on all those websites and the returns you receive). So, ask yourself - can you afford not to sign-up for one of the following plans at these rates and how many businesses would you need to sell each year to recoup your annual advertising costs? Also, don't fall in to traps of web designers offering you to redesign your website and have it rank high in search engines and social websites - it's all temporary (search engines worth billions in marketshare aren't run by people to lose money - they are marginally smarter than web designers and search experts) and by the time you realize that it only worked for a while, you would have paid a lot more than what it costs to advertise on multiple listing and distribution sites like our's.

Business For Sale Listing Plans for listings that appear at*effective May 2017

Broker Profile + 2 Business for Sale Listings* - FREE!
No credit card required for the free plan, just signup for an account and then fill in the contact us form requesting for activation of your account for the free listing plan, and allow 48 hours - subject to approval, review additional terms on the account signup form.
1) Upto 10 listings - $10.95/month
2) Upto 25 listings - $15.95/month
3) Upto 50 listings - $20.95/month
3) Upto 75 listings - $39.95/month
4) Upto 100 listings - $59.95/month
Over 100 listings - contact for rates

In order to qualify for an account signup:
You must be a Licensed Real Estate Broker/Agent or a Professional/Certified Business Broker/Agent or (if you are an administrative person) you must have been authorized to create an account and setup billing by/for a licensed professional or a licensed brokerage. You need to verify your broker license information by providing a copy if required before your account is activated or anytime later. The site reserves the right to accept or reject/delete any account and listing that is unsuitable, at our discretion or cancel any account for any reason, at any time, but especially those in violation of our terms and conditions. Any returning customers with past unpaid bills or with past billing disputes and accounts closed previously due to billing issues, are not welcome and will not be accepted.Additional terms can be found on the account signup form and on the site terms and conditions page.

Sign-up for a Broker Account

Pay-Per-Click Links: You can bid to list your links in the directory pages of any state or city and your listings will show on this website directory pages and other websites. Bids start at 50 cents per click and you do not have to be a business broker to list your services (could be an appraiser, a loan company, a business/franchise attorney, etc.,). Only 5 listings per State/City/Town - based on highest bids (starting deposit of $250). If you are interested in Pay Per Click Links please contact us via the contact form and we will get back to you.

Data Importing is available for new brokers at a one-time fee of $50 (you need to provide the file in a specified format - excel, text or csv). Ongoing Monthly Data Entry services and listing maintenance, are available at a nominal price. Contact for further information.

 Benefits of listing with us:

Many brokers waste their time on several free listing websites (they are free for a reason) but if your priority and focus is to sell your businesses fast (like successful auto dealers run their businesses) and generate more money from sales, and not by saving roughly a dollar per day or small fee it costs to advertise listing on a website like our's, then you should consider signing-up for a broker account. Just ask yourself how many businesses you will need to sell in an entire year (perhaps just one?), in order to recoup all of your advertising fees and make a profit and ask yourself how much you may be spending on other unnecessary office services. Simply put, you cannot get the same return for your advertising dollars anywhere else (including pay-per-click advertising or social media, that many brokers are spending their money on).

Our account center provides you a separate login page and ability to add, update, delete and manage your listings. View screenshots: account screen - list management screen. You will also receive a listing in our broker directory (categorized by state and is also searchable by name, city, zip, etc.,) along with links to your business for sale listings - [screen shot].

Full Business Details: All registered brokers (intermediaries, realtors, developers) get a full profile page with complete contact information, in our "searchable" broker directory categorized by state. [screen shot]

Control: You can make any changes at any time to update your profile and each and every listing. You can also delete your listing(s) from the account center. View screenshots: account screen - list management screen.

More Leads: Users can not only find you by searching our site but also by browsing through categories and by state. That's not all - anyone can also contact you directly and anonymously (email not visible) or recommend your listing to upto 5 of their friends.

Sign-up as a Broker
Easy Account Mgmt.
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Broker Profile + Links
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Listings On Your Site**
5 Page Web Site**
Own Domain Name**
High Visibility
Easy to Find/Search
Confidential Emails
Unlimited Updates

some services such as your own website are available at additional monthly charges

1. Input business info.

2. Complete payment form.

3. Make a payment.

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